The activities are made in our structures; they are situated in front of the new Ostia’s seafront closely to the sea, in Sommergibile Street, between tourist port and the wharf (national monument).

In this service, 30 users are assisted from about 25 among operators, doctors and paramedics; the users have got different disabilities’ levels (serious or more serious) and for this reason they receive a different assistance that looks after the capacity and ability of each disable’s person.

Anffas Ostia Onlus’s work is based on the singleness of users, also and first of all closely for the rehabilitative part, trying to make happy the activities that each user has to do.

Physiatrists, internists, neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, psychiatrists, psychologists, professional educator, physiotherapists and administrative staff.

The interventions are of different kinds: rehabilitative, educational and evaluative.

The global taking on, a specific medical team for each rehabilitative project and the importance to share with families the assistants’ life are, in Anffas Ostia, the heart of the semi-residential service.

Firstly, we attempt to make the activities of the centre effectively productive for the assistants and not to create laboratories like container.

We are making the maximum use of all environments placed at disposal by Institutions for Anffas Ostia Onlus. Day after day, we try to create the premises for a great growth and an essential improvement of guy’s conditions.

Concerning the human resource, the realization of laboratories-projects gives motivations to the operators to diversify the activities and in a way to make the centre in continuing evolving.

Procedures and methods used in the various activities are of international value and they explain the important background of improvement and experimentation that characterized operators’ work.

Finally in the specific field, Anffas Ostia is the centre of absolute interest, on the social medical profile, social assistant and ethical.

The goodness of done work is testified by the numerous  performance of ours guys in national and international competitions in various disciplines, which the last, but not the least, was the first place in a literary international competition on February 2007.

Each activity is developed by operators considering with attention the method rather than the final result, to give effectively part to guys of activities which they do. This means to make them protagonists of their life and not a mere publicity instrument on the outside.

Anffas Ostia fights whoever attempts to make money on the disability for personal interests.

In the specific, we list all the activities (17 activities) planned and given by Anffas Ostia to it users:

– Swimming-pool
– Hydrokinesitherapy
– Individual physiotherapy
– Gymnastics’ group
– Psychology interventions
– Pottery laboratory
– Painting laboratory
– Creative movement (Marcia Plein method- Maria Elena Garcia)
– Green laboratory, sweet-smelling garden and gardening
– Bricolage laboratory and carpenter’s shop (furniture manufacture)
– Art laboratory
– Sensorial stimulation ( Method Prof. A. Frolich)
– Multimedia laboratory and individual didactic courses at the computer (Anastasis specific software)
– Computer Game Therapy (Anastasis specific software)
– Dramatization laboratory: the language (theatre method E. Barba-Grotoski)
– Journalist laboratory (a whole journal’s creation)
– Work group on  relationship (free expression and specific activities like Karaoke)
– On summertime: swimming-pool, walk in pinewood with or without packet lunch, sea and outdoor activities.

Further services offer by semi residential centre: 



Guys, followed by Anffas Ostia Onlus in semi residential centre, have a canteen service that includes breakfast in the morning (according to specific alimentary demands of users) and lunch.

The diets of each users are very well studied and prepared by nutritionists.

Anffas Ostia throws itself into the preparation of wholesome food made by experienced and qualified staff ready to satisfy the demand of celiac subjects, with alimentary allergies, etc.

The products used are always fresh and selected as the few deep-frozen food bought.

The kitchen and canteen’s hygienic conditions are assured in a particular way by the full time experienced staff.


Anffas Ostia offers like additional service the users’ transport. Our association has three comfortable means of transport:

– a bus with 19 seats, whose three for guys on wheelchair;
– two buses with 9 seats of last generation with full equipment and systems for the slope and descent of users from the means.


From 1995 since today, Anffas Ostia has always organized summer stays for semi residential service users.

The main attention is given to hotels, which have to satisfy requirements of security, nearness to hospital or to first aid considering the participants’ pathologies, hotels location near the village or in the immediate neighbourhood.

The activities are organized by prepared and experienced coordinators, which supervise a group of professionals both domestic and external staff with a continue service 24 hours a day.

The good qualities of  choices made since now represented Anffas Ostia Onlus summer stays with relaxing moment and a feeling of security. For more than 10 years of summer stays, there weren’t weighty events.
Anffas Ostia works in summer stays as follows:

All the users, included people seriously ill on the motory point of view, follow a specific walk plan, small shopping, socialization with local population to developed the rational aspect and  integration; domestic staff’s presence is important because they very well know the behaviour and desire of users and they are prepared to give relaxing and safe days.

The domestic staff is able to use his knowledge to very well train the possible external staff.

The domestic and external staff share the same hotels room with the user or users left.

For users in more serious conditions the stay length isn’t less than 14 days, if it had been necessary the presence of two staff components. This guarantees to guys to fit in and to approach at best with structure and people.

There we list the places where have been organized previous summer stays:

1995 Puglia (Marina di Ugento);
1996 Abruzzo Rocca di Mezzo (AQ) “Hotel Caldora”;
1997 Abruzzo Pescasseroli (AQ);
1998 Abruzzo Rocca di Mezzo (AQ) “Hotel Caldora”;
1999 Abruzzo Rocca di Mezzo (AQ) “Hotel Caldora”;
2000 Umbria Pozzuolo Umbro “Villa La Torre” (agriturismo);
2001 Abruzzo Rocca di Mezzo (AQ) “Hotel Caldora”;
2002 Abruzzo Rocca di Mezzo (AQ) “ Hotel Caldora”;
2003 Umbria Lago di Bolsena Hotel “Ai Platani”;
2004 Umbria Tagliacozzo;
2005 Umbria Lago di Bolsena Hotel “Ai Platani”.
2006-07 Umbria Lago del Turano;
2008-09 Lazio – Palestrina Hotel “La Meridienne”
2010-18 Lazio – Veroli (FR) Hotel “L’Uliveto”.